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  1. .Uno, The Number One Domain

    .uno is a domain name aimed at the Spanish speaking population. Uno means One in Spanish and will provide a great gTLD for companies/ websites that target Spanish speaking population.

    It has the possibility to replace .com in the Spanish speaking world, due to being memorable, short and with higher availability in names.

    Seeing as it is only starting out, you will be more likely to get the domain name of your choice.
    If you are interested in registering a .uno ...
  2. .uk Domains Available in June

    This summer you will be able to register a .uk domain name. It is currently only possible to register or domain names, but it will not be this way for long. .uk domain names will be available for registration in June through Nominet.

    If you have already registered a domain name, you do not have to worry about the .uk equivalent domain being taken. owners are given the first chance to grab the .uk domain names that match.

    This is only with ...
  3. Top Level Domain Holdings Withdraws .roma Application

    .roma, a domain intended to represent Rome, is no longer going ahead. Top Level Domain Holdings made the application, but had not received the required support from the Italian Government.

    Seeing as .roma is a Geographical gTLD, it needs sufficient supporting documents before being able to pass Initial Evaluation. It was possible for .roma to have gone forward for Extended Evaluation, but TLDH still did not manage to convince Italian Government to support the domain.

  4. Register a .it Domain!

    Looking to increase your domain portfolio? Why not register a .it domain name? .it is the ccTLD for Italy and it is a great addition to your collection of domains!

    With a .it domain name you will be able to immerse yourself in the Italian online community. If you have a company with an Italian target audience, or wish to translate your current website into Italian, .it is the domain for you. .it domains will have a higher position in, making it easier for you to get noticed. ...
  5. Advantages of Email Forwarding

    When registering a domain name, you can be given the option of having email forwarding. As follows are the advantages of this service.

    It can make your email address appear more professional. This can help businesses and can even be advantageous for personal use.

    When applying to jobs, or looking to gain a place in university you would like your email to 'look good'. Its never nice to still be using the Hotmail account you created when you were ten!

    If ...
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