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  1. The Organic Domain - .Bio

    Bio is a prefix meaning life. .bio is the gTLD for organic products, biomedical studies, the environment, biology and biographies. It can be used for agriculture and promoting a green way of life. It will make it easier for those looking to buy organic products to identify the website they need. You can relate yourself with an organic way of life and attract others similar to you. With the importance of medicine and cures for illnesses, it is good that biomedical science and research have its ...
  2. Prepare Early for Black Friday and Christmas!

    Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated mostly in USA and Canada, the date depending on the country. It is always in November or October. The Friday following Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, a day famous for sales and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Videos have been taken of massive crowds pushing into the store, or endless queues ready to rush in as soon as the doors open. If you own a shop and want to prepare for the craziness of Black Friday, then register a .blackfriday ...
  3. .services, .vision, .report and .fish - Arriving at Go-Live Soon

    Four new domains will be live on the 2nd July. These are .vision, .services, .fish and .report. These are all run by Donuts Inc. With the hundreds of new gTLDs being released, there will now be a domain for everyone.

    .fish is perfect for anglers, fish owners, breeders and sellers. It will allow you to connect easier with others of similar interests in fish and to find trusted breeders. It can also be the perfect location for websites that give information on how to care for your fish. ...
  4. .Uk is Here!

    United Kingdoms position across the Internet has finally changed. It will no longer be represented by but instead by .uk. These are exciting times as .uk has been widely requested for by the British public.

    Stephen Fry, a British comedian, actor and writer, was the first person to transfer over to the .uk domain. Using his blog to promote the ccTLD, he writes: “How come Germany could have .de, France .fr, South Africa .za, Italy .it etc etc etc? And we poor British had to ...
  5. What Happens in .Vegas, Stays in .Vegas

    Las Vegas is one of the top holiday destinations. With the grand sparkling signs, massive casinos and incredible night life, it is definitely the place to be. It is the number one place for a stag do and with good reason.

    Businesses consider Las Vegas the place to be. For this reason, it is necessary for Vegas to receive its place in the Internet, helping distinguish it from the endless sea of .com domains. Seeing as it is a new gTLD there will be a larger possibility of names. This ...
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